Graham Gussin
Current and recent projects:

Revolver Part 2. Matt's Gallery, September/October 2012.
Centro Galeo De Arte Contemporanea
Rúa Valle Inclán s/n
15704 Santiago de Compostela

Image of 'Lens'.

Image of 'Lens'.

Revolver Part 2. Matt's Gallery, September/October 2012.
The Gallery, Winchester Discovery Centre

Image of 'Lens'.

New Movement Collective

Revolver Part 2. Matt's Gallery, September/October 2012.
Matt's Gallery

Lens 2012. Consisting of a series of sepia toned photographs shot on 35mm film taken on location at a hotel on the Atlantic coast of Portugal. The hotel is set close to the furthest western point of Europe, a one time geographic end of the world, and was used as the main location for Wim Wenders' 1982 film 'The State Of Things'. At that time it was deserted an in ill repair. The first ten minutes of his film are shot in sepia and depict a remaking of Roger Corman's 1955 Science Fiction film 'Day The World Ended' set in an undesignated future.

Image of 'Lens'.

The Unseen, the 4th Guangzhou Triennial.
Click here for an artist list and program.

In and Out, Back and Forth: 30th June - 9th September 2012.
New Art centre, Roche Court

Image of 'In and Out, Back and Forth', 20122012

Animated Environments: 4th May - 1st July 2012.
Siobhan Davies Studios

Image of Threesixty (Helicopter, fade in/fade out, night), 2010.

Exhibition details
4 May – 1 July
Free entry, drop in
Mon – Thurs 10am – 8pm
Fri – Sat 10am – 5pm
Sun 10am – 2pm

Image of Threesixty (Helicopter, fade in/fade out, night), 2010.

Special off-site event
Illumination Rig

Friday 25 May
4 - 10pm

At the junction of Longville Road and Church Yard Row, Newington Butts, Elephant & Castle SE1
Free, drop-in

Graham Gussin and David Chipperfield
In Conversation

Sunday 24 June 2.30pm
At Siobhan Davies Studios
£7 / £5
To book call 020 7091 9650
As part of the London Festival of Architecture, Jeremy Millar hosts a question led conversation between Graham Gussin and internationally acclaimed architect David Chipperfield. The conversation will explore their respective relationships to architecture within the city and across areas under regeneration, their re-activation of the familiar, and their engagement of audiences across public sites.

Multiple: Threesixty
Image of Threesixty (Helicopter, fade in/fade out, night), 2010.

Threesixty (Helicopter, fade in/fade out, night)

Format: Framed vinyl record
Edition: Edition 25
Price: 300 euro (registered shipping added)

A framed 12" vinyl recording of the sound of a helicopter, fading in and out. The words 'Threesixty. Helicopter, Night, fade in/fade out' are inscribed onto the record by hand around the centre.
This work relates to Threesixty, 1996 which consisted of the record playing on a turntable mounted on a plinth with speakers. But in this framed version the record becomes a silent image and a formal link to the helicopter blades, rotation and night.

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